With plenty of standard features in the lineup, mainly on the tech and safety part, the Volvo XC40 does not disappoint. Not only that, but it also brings along various performance features that will have you excited. They are:

It comes with two turbo-four engines, with one pumping out 187 horsepower and the other 248 horsepower. Both engines are suitable for daily commuting, but if you want more performance from your vehicle, consider the turbocharged with 248 horsepower. An eight-speed automatic transmission pairs with both engines and all-wheel drive is optional in the segment. Thanks to its massive tires, adequate ground clearance, and upgraded shock absorbers, the Volvo XC40 will deliver a comfortable ride at any place, including rugged areas. Its steering feedback is quick and responsive, thus resulting in poised handling of the vehicle, mainly when on winding roads and tight places like the parking lots.


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