If you want to see and experience what futuristic auto technology looks like, have a seat in the Volvo V90 cockpit. This wagon combines large-and-in-charge passenger and cargo space with a well-appointed, tech-rich cabin that has trend-forward safety features in spades. Our Charleston, WV Volvo Cars Charleston team has your quick rundown.

Floating on Cloud V90

User-submitted traffic info and navigation guidance are all the rage, and the Volvo V90 is a leader among the competition. Its user-submitted traffic info derives from cloud-based communications available to all other connected Volvo drivers. Thanks to the cloud, you now have access to on-the-minute, user-submitted data about road conditions and traffic in Teays, WV.

The Ultimate in Surround View

The Volvo V90 comes equipped with four high-def exterior cameras. The camera info combines to give you a crisp, top-down view of the Volvo V90 and the nearby surrounding area. The view displays on the Volvo V90 in-dash touchscreen, helping you ease into and out of tight parking spots, align a trailer more confidently, or continuously monitor road/traffic conditions from behind the wheel.

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