Safety First in the Volvo XC60

Here at Volvo Cars Charleston, we believe that our friends and neighbors should be as safe and protected as possible each time they sit behind the wheel of their vehicle. It is for this reason that we so often suggest that people take a closer look at the new Volvo XC60. This popular luxury compact SUV offers a wide range of features that are designed to keep its occupants protected.

One of the most impressive safety features on offer in the XC60 is undoubtedly its active bending lights. As you steer the vehicle, the front headlamps actually turn to illuminate the curve or bend that you are taking - meaning that you can always see the road ahead.

Of course, should you happen to get into an accident, the XC60 will help to reduce your risk of injury as well. Its passenger compartment is reinforced with boron steel - a material that helps to dissipate the energy of a collision and reduce the impact to the passengers.



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