The Dynamic Volvo S60

In the new Volvo S60, you can have the driving experience that you want. The luxury compact sedan has two distinct chassis designs. They have high-tech equipment and fine-tuned design elements to change the way the car feels on the road.

The Four-C Active Chassis is an optional feature on many S60 models at Volvo Cars Charleston in Charleston, WV. This chassis has electronically powered shock absorbers. With this technology, the car is able to adapt to your preferred settings. There are 3 different driving modes available. They include Comfort, ECO, and Dynamic. Sensors within the chassis take measurements of the car's movement 500 times each second. This information is then used to make subtle changes to the suspension.

On R-Design models, a Sports chassis is used. While it doesn't have the high-tech equipment of the previous option, it is engineered to take advantage of the power the S60 offers. It sits lower to the ground and has firm shock absorbers for better traction and agility.

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